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Sashanoraa /SAH-shə-NOR-ə/
Pronouns:   ze/zir or she/her
Gender:     Non-binary Trans Fem
Matrix:     @sasha:the-apothecary.club
Email:      sasha@noraa.gay
Fediverse:  @sasha@noraa.gay
Website:    sashanoraa.gay
Protonmail: sashanoraa@protonmail.com
Code:       sr.ht/~zethra



I'm Sashanoraa /SAH-shə-NOR-ə/ aka Sasha, a neurodivergent techie femby 🏳️‍⚧️. I'm a polyamorous Sapphic cat holding a lesbian flag heart and maker of very gay software. I love writing code, hacking on neat tech, good gender vibes, talking to cool people, and hating technology.

I like:

  • Free and ethical software
  • Rust
  • Enbies
  • Linux
  • Girls
  • Consuming the Gender Fluid™
  • Pondering the ORB
  • People kissing me >///<

I would love to talk to you about:

  • Cool software
  • Ethics in tech
  • Gender
  • Anti-capitalism
  • Sociology or Philosophy
  • Video essays
  • Being super gay >~<
  • Something you're really interested in

How to refer to me

I use the following pronoun sets:

  1. ze/zir
  2. she/her

You can use any of them but they are in order of preference.

Here's some more info on how to refer to me.

Things I've Made



Stargazer is a fast and easy to use Gemini server that uses asynchronous I/O, written in Rust. It has many features including: regex based routing, automatic certificate generation, and CGI and SCGI support. It's designed to be robust and perform well. Stargazer is a single compiled binary with no runtime dependencies making it easy to deploy.



Emily is cute little a moderation bot for Matrix. Matrix has very few moderation tools built in, and while some moderation bots like Mjolnir exist and are useful, there are certain features they are missing. Emily helps fill those gaps. <3

Hosted Stuff

I host a few neat things on this here website for your viewing pleasure.

Tiktok Link Anonymizer

Let's go!

By default Tiktok share links are linked to the account that created them. This app will take those links and give you a link not attached to any account. This progress web app can also be installed on Android so it can be used as a share target.

Rust STD Docs

Let me see em!

I do a lot of Rust development and I often find myself looking through the implementation of many things in the standard library. But that can be a bit tricky as most of those items are hidden. So, since I couldn't find it anywhere else, I decided to post the rust std docs will all other the hidden items documented to hopefully assist in you and my rust internals spelunking.

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